Energetic coaching, bodywork

My specialties

  • Looking at physical symptoms at their origin allows new movement - also as a self-responsible supplement to conventional medicine or psychotherapy.
  • New ways of dealing with stress. Seeing the red thread until its creation makes a new serenity possible.

  • Connect with your own power to meet the challenges of everyday life in a new way.

  • "Relationship Care": Understanding and growing beyond the conflicts inside and around me.
Karoline Maria Wibmer
Karoline Maria Wibmer

My online offer

ONLINE Individual work: Coaching

Accompaniment on topics like

Physical ailments, fatigue, burnout symptoms,

stress, or simply in challenging times.

Understand conflicts more deeply.

Spiritual accompaniment.


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ONLINE Group Work: Workshop Movement Meditation


Arrive in your own body

Become stiller to listen to your inner movement in a protected space. Be with what is. Feel, move, be touched, get involved in your own movement - a meditation.


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I point out


My entire work is in the area of health-preserving measures and requires the self-responsibility of the customer.


My energetic accompaniment in groups and in individual lessons and my body work based on massage and shiatsu do not represent and do not replace medical treatment in the medical sense, no counseling and no psychotherapeutic treatment.

So I point out that the topics discussed and the processed energetic processes are not intended to diagnose and treat medical conditions. In the case of a corresponding indication, the personal responsibility of the client or participants is appealed to seek a competent and suitably trained physician, psychologist or therapist.

The client or participant undertakes to inform me before starting the treatment / support or the workshop whether he / she is undergoing psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment and / or taking psychotropic drugs (medications).

If I use words like "healing", "healing", I understand that it comes to flow in a holistic sense. These terms are not meant and used in the medical sense.


 Karoline Maria Wibmer, Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner, energetic, masseuse