Meet Karoline-Maria - a little insight

Growing up loving nature, I learned the craft of massage and have refined it for many years. Meditation has played an important role in my life since I was a child. Now my mystic's spirit of exploration dances with everyday life as a mother and a woman. In my work as a Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner, energetic coach and director of workshops amongst other things Mindfulness in everyday life and working with children, greatly energizes me and encourages me to pursue my passion, the study of life itself and the celebration of the beauty and diversity of the human potential.    

Juni 2018 Grado
Juni 2018 Grado

... meditation as a path, parenting as a spiritual practice, energetic sustainability ... a journey ...

More about me

camino 2004
camino 2004

Over 25 years of professional experience as masseuse, I have mastered the art of healing touch.

My knowledge as a Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner gives me tools from traditional Chinese medicine such as elemental teaching, meridian doctrine, exploration of the Ying-Yang principle. Most important, The Holistic Life School, which is related to it. Also, I have a special passion for certain elements from Zen.


The research as an employee in the holistic medical practice:  Albin Perz in Graz (General and Complementary Medicine, Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Medicine, Systemic Family Affairs) has greatly enriched my work. My area of concentration was amongst other things Detailed patient advice on the topics: lifestyle, nutrition, dealing with food intolerances and allergies, stress management, exercise.


Therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and emotional overloading. I specialized in Bioresonance, including treatment of various ailments. Additionally, I focused on testing Biotensor of intolerances, allergies, stress, needs.


For constellation work, I prefer the natural approach as it flows to me intuitively. Jiddu Krishnamurti showed me ways to question the familiar in a depth that opened up completely new spaces for me. Marshall Rosenberg helped me with the non-violent communication to translate a comprehensive whole.

I studied geomancy in distance learning, made herbal essences and incense.


I leaned about the "free movement development" after Emmi Pikler in the course of my motherhood.


For some years I have been studying the mystical principles and exploring collective shadows. Inspired amongst other things by Thomas Hübl, amongst other things Founder of Transparent Communication, which I practice. Ever since 2014 specializations in online courses: Mystic Principles and theology, with specialized topics: healing, relationship, dying, mediation and meditation, among others Organizer: Science LL.


My medial abilities, which I have known since my childhood, have deepened and refined the past few years in particular and have become my most important tool. I relate to my motherhood as a spiritual practice, which makes me rehearse every moment to be there ...


My current topics are: dignity, stress management / stress transformation, mindfulness in everyday life    

Intuition, inspiration

my home forest
my home forest

My strong inner guidance is my engine for my actions. So presence is the prevailing context for my activities.

Mindfulness, new every moment. Who are we right now? What wants to show through us?

with your feet on the ground

and open heart

Invite light and clarity

Be there with what is!

Every moment needs a new feeling, the space in between, the changeability of every moment.

To be available NOW in my current highest possible form.     

My hike

Growing up in East Tyrol I left my hometown at the age of 17 to learn the craft of massage. Soon I felt like traveling. The love of Zen meditation. And the desire to inhale life as deeply as possible. My pilgrim soul also showed itself and the deep love for silence inside and outside. Constantly researching and learning. Always refreshing my process to understand even deeper. I love to immerse myself in something, to become that, and to emerge from it. For this it takes the letting go of the old, often all knowledge to completely naked to get involved in the new.


My son Adrian has been in my life since 2010 and so my motherhood has become a "moment by moment practice".

One of the essential questions that I have been dealing with for a long time relates to the internal waste of energy that we as humans are pursuing.

And how we can find (back) to our dignity.    

on the camino de Santiago de Comopstela 2004
on the camino de Santiago de Comopstela 2004

my philosophy

Getting there while walking ...

Listen to my body, ...


... the physical,

the emotional,

the mental,

the spiritual body.


To remember


Become aware of my self-responsibility,

find my basic trust again,

trust my gut feeling.


Let go


Let old pull to invite new possibilities.

Recognize what is to be able to start from there.




New every moment.

Feel the flow of life in me.


Open the heart


Immerse yourself in the intensity of the moment,

  in the beautiful, as in the difficult.


Enjoy the nourishing measure


Immerse yourself in the lightness of the moment

to include the suffering of the world more.


Now be there ...


... to bring my original potential into the world.


My contribution to a nourishing togetherness


Like on a small scale so big.

Like inside so outside.

From complaining to developing.


From the ego to the oneness


Arrive - Recognise what is - Include