Meet Karoline Maria

a little insight

Learned craft, exploratory spirit and silence

My work is based on years of experience as a masseur, during which I have deeply studied the art of touching.


My knowledge as a Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner also gives me tools from traditional Chinese medicine such as elemental theory, the meridian doctrine, and the Ying-Yang principle. Above all, however, I am inspired by the holistic life school that is connected with it. I also have a special relationship to certain elements of Zen.


I was very enriched by the varied experiences during my work in the team of the holistic medical practice of Dr. med. med. Albin Perz in Graz/Austria (General and Complementary Medicine, Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Medicine, Systemic Family Affairs).

My field of activity included detailed patient advice on the topics of lifestyle, nutrition, stress management as well as dealing with food intolerances and allergies. In addition, I performed healing massages, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and emotional stress reactions. In addition, one of my specialties was bioresonance: In addition to the treatment of various ailments, I tested incompatibilities, allergies and needs with the biotensor. I have had a natural access to systemic constellation work from the start, and it has accompanied me intuitively ever since.


Jiddu Krishnamurti showed me ways to question what seems so familiar - at a depth that opened up completely new spaces for me. Marshall Rosenberg helped me through nonviolent communication to translate these insights into my language and culture.

I studied geomancy, made herbal essences and incense. After the birth of my son, I also dealt with "free movement development" after Emmi Pikler. I live motherhood as a spiritual practice that allows me to practice every moment to be there.


For some years I have been studying the mystical principles and exploring collective shadows. Amongst others I was inspired by Carolin Myss and Thomas Hübl. From 2014 to 2019, I have been deepening my knowledge in online courses on topics such as mysticism, healing, relationship, dying, mediation and meditation.


My high sensitivity skills (to feel deeply), of which I know since my childhood, I have deepened and refined in particular in the last few years. So they have become my most important tool.

Core of my work

... listen to my body ...


the physical

the emotional

the mental

the spiritual body


to remember


become aware of my self-responsibility

find my basic trust again

trust my gut feeling


let go


let old pull to invite new possibilities

recognize what is to be able to start from there




new every moment

feel the flow of life in me


open the heart


Immerse yourself in the intensity of the moment,

  in the beautiful, as in the difficult.


Enjoy the nourishing measure


Immerse yourself in the lightness of the moment

to include the suffering of the world more.


Now be there ...


to bring my original potential into the world


my contribution to a nourishing togetherness


like on a small scale so big

like inside so outside

from complaining to developing


from the ego to the oneness


... arrive - recognise what is - include ...