Aurasprays as a companion

Thank you mother earth!

The cycle from 2010 to 2012 was a deep immersion in the plant world for me. I have spent the waiting period with my son a lot in nature and in silence.

That was the high time of the emergence of the special mother tinctures with which I make the Aurasprays and also the smoking was at that time very essential. In 2013, the mother tinctures for the chakra sprays were created, the 7 thirteen.


These Aurasprays can be helpers and companions,

in the momentary change in which we are as unity (humanity).

Gifted by the earth (that we are) with universal information.

Act with the admission!

Watch without rating!


Curious, playful on the journey and experience the adventure to yourself amazed and enthusiastic!


Authentic potential: On the topic: Remembering the wholeness and the vision of the birth, which puzzle is there for me to solve? (including eyebright, mullein, sheep, geranium, patchouli, ..)


Yin (feminine) quality: Remember and immerse yourself in the true woman. In the power of the female part come: intuition, heart opening; also for men! (Arnica, stinging nettle ..; rosemary, lemon, patchouli, ..)


Yang (masculine) quality: Remembering and immersing yourself in the true man. In the power of healthy male proportion, structure, endurance, clarity; also for women! (Sheep, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, ..)


Base: Grounding, good to be there, even in difficult times (Chakra 1-Forget-me-not, 2-Marguerite + Special ritual essence, orange, rosemary, ..)


Heart: support for the heart to gain strength to stay open when it matters (Chakra 3-young spruce, 4-arnica, 5-Quendl + special ritual essence, bergamot peppermint, orange)


Crown: Supports Inspiration, New Movement Inland (Chakra 6-Bloodroot, 7-Juniper + Special ritual essence, Lime, Geranium)


1 bottle, 50 ml

Content (material level): mother tinctures of the individual essences and essential oils in a special recipe, water, alcohol (approx. 8%)

Application: Spray into the aura after feeling. If there is no feeling for it yet, it makes sense in the morning, (noon), as well as 2 - 3 sprayers above the head (aura shower).


Please make your choices below of the items that resonate with

Your spirit.


Many Thanks!