Energetic coaching

What is related, may flow

By deeply feeling (reading) into my counterpart or situation creates a kind of inner map, which can provide information about larger relationships. Together we explore, the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious. Together we see more. Shadow work can be used to break through repetitive, weakening cycles. The courage to look can grow. Self-responsibility may take more and more space. So a whole new freedom can arise.

From a more and more earthy place, connected to our selves and nature, we can face even better challenging situations.




Deep Seeing

  • Physical complaints,
  • Fatigue, burnout symptoms
  • Stress, or in
  • challenging times ...
  • Themes that appear on the spiritual path in everyday life

Accompaniment on topics such as

  • body awareness
  • Relationship care (including dealing effectively with conflict and stress)
  • Exercise, nutrition, recovery (3 pillars of health, inter alia, from the perspective of Shiatsu)
  • coping with stress


My tools

Depending on need, I work amongst other things with the following tools:

  • Deep empathy (medial ability)
  • Transparent communication
  • Elements of the constellation work
  • Resonance testing with biotensor
  • Shadow work (inter alia, inspired by Caroline Myss and Thomas Hübl)


A protected space


A counterpart that helps me to see myself clearer.

Invite greater perspective.

In the we-field we perceive the space in between and thus to see our own motivations clearer and to expose potentials

Stagnant areas are lovingly kept and witnessed.

With what can be seen / heard / felt wants to be there together

and the transformation is created possibility.


In my opinion, media skills are accessible to everyone. It's like learning a musical instrument or doing a sport. This ability can be studied just like any other discipline.

I have been on this path of inner science for a very long time and it is now natural for me to pass on "my" treasures. Be it through workshops, readings, accompaniment, energetic body work, work with family systems and living spaces, living spaces.


This work is (also) very good online via Skype or Zoom possible. The virtual space is very familiar to me and my work loses nothing in intensity.

Shadow work

Shadow work is restoring the natural flow. The natural movement of life always seeks balance. An integrating path to inner and outer peace.

It is about being able to take responsibility for one's own issues - inside and outside - individually and collectively. Where the future and the past meet in the present. To face the difficult. That my heart can stay open more and more and feel for what is difficult. How a mother can naturally be there for her child. Shadow parts show up where my heart can no longer be open. Where my love ability stops.

Working at this limit can make deep healing and transformation possible. A cultivation of my inner peace. Good shadow work can be as essential as brushing your teeth. And is only possible now in this moment.


It is a deep need of our heart to relax into the flow of life.


„Karoline deeply connects with the resonance of my experience and allows it to be in and through her.

She helps to reflect what I have within myself, to put it into words and to hold a space for me to receive it.

She has a wonderful feminine connection and quality I do not understand or pretend to know, but I value her uniqueness in this to express another perspective that can help me settle into my process work at the mental, emotional and physical level.

I appreciate her sense of humility and vulnerability in her own experience and her own growth areas, to embrace them and allow them to be a part of the growth process for both of us.

She is able to engage and land into this work very quickly and deeply in which the perception of the shared field is very palpable.

Karoline is one of the few people I have met who engages in this work with such a high level of dedication, attention and presence which allows me to easily go deeper with my own process.

I appreciate that even when Karoline doesn't understand words or perceptions - she can feel deeper into it and connect with me."

Thank you.



"Karoline has regularly accompanied me in a very turbulent phase of my life with a lot of wisdom and clarity, especially appreciating her ability to perceive people holistically, helping me face my challenges and at the same time seeing my potential through this process Her presence in key moments has greatly contributed to how and where I stand in my life today, and I am deeply grateful for her. "

Teresa Distelberger, Vienna

Filmmaker & presenter