Movement - Meditation

Online Workshop

Arrive in your own body

Become stiller to listen to your inner movement in a protected frame. Be with what is. Feel, move, be touched, get involved in your own movement - a meditation. Listen to your inner voice: what would you like to express? What wants to be seen?

We start with a short sharing to arrive and to land in the composition we are as a group. Everybody is exactly where (s)he is now - that's our potential. We go on with a guided meditative body perception. Finally, we share (who wants to) the experience, possibly with feedback.

  • Take care of yourself
  • What is your inner music?
  • Dive into the NOW ...

You are completely with yourself. And yet you can immerse yourself in the power of the group.

An invitation to ground, to feel, to live trust, to draw strength, to celebrate and to feel joy in and security in your body. A space to access your own potential.


Experience has shown that this work is best in small groups, where a protected space is created. So I decided to create spaces where small groups can form. And we can dive deeper into the meeting with ourselves.