Karoline Maria Wibmer

Accompaniment with down-to-earth basis and open heart

Energetic sustainability is a way of recognising and transforming stress factors in everyday life step by step. Any removal from our inner healing generates stress.

And the closer we get to our authentic core, the more our inner self is allowed to relax and heal.

I refer health more to the mental aspect, although that is closely related to physical well-being.

My goal is to make my work as sustainable as an apple to the health of the person who visits me.

A cautious embrace of what it just needs for the next step to more consistency.

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • mentally

The better the communication of these three, the healthier (in the holistic sense) is the human being. I look, feel, feel, to find out what the holistic body wants to tell me. I can only take the next step and not over the next ...

Energetic sustainability is a way of recognizing and transforming stress factors in everyday life step by step.

Our inner natural movement is always in balance,

I can feel more again, arrive more and thereby grow into my authentic potential

through gentle, deep touching in bodywork

can be seen in certain aspects in loving, clear and supportive space in energetic coaching

through practice in workshops focusing on: mindfulness in everyday life, body awareness, relationship care and mediation.

A way to overcome stress or, to put it more precisely, stress transformation!

I point out


My entire work is in the area of health-sustaining measures and requires the self-responsibility of the client.


My energetic accompaniment in groups and in individual lessons and my bodywork based on massage and shiatsu does not represent and does not replace medical treatment in the medical sense.

So, be clear that the topics discussed and the energetic processes employed are not intended to diagnose and treat medical or mental illness. In the case of a corresponding indication, the personal responsibility of the client and the participant is called upon to seek out a competent and suitably trained physician, psychologist or therapist.

The client / participant commits to inform me before starting the treatment / escort or the workshop whether he / she is undergoing psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment and / or taking psychotropic drugs (medications).

If I use words such as "cure," "healing," I understand it to come into flux in a holistic sense and are not meant and used in the medical sense.


Karoline Maria Wibmer: Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner, energetic, masseuse