Thematic workshops

The natural movement of us humans is with healthy gut feeling, open heart and clear mind. In everyday life, these important approaches are often blocked. With simple exercises, we strengthen our base to reopen these approaches. For more well-being, vitality and serenity.

Come into my power

on the way to my essence


When I assume that everything is naturally in flux by nature and that I actively restrain the flow, this can become an exciting journey to myself as I begin to relax more and more.

How do I deal with my energy?

what do I think?

Where do I prevent my flow?

If I also assume that any contraction was an important smart feature to protect me. But that takes a lot of power (energy).

Then the exciting question arises whether I still need this function, or whether one or the other may relax again.


I take more and more space in order to be good for you too!

My rhythm

My movement

Playful, curious, we explore what makes me special!

we listen to our own music

we dance our rhythm

we witness our beauty and our pain

we celebrate our being there!

Beyond right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and sick, we use the common space to look at life from different perspectives to cultivate more awareness of what is currently combining me.

If I have the courage to stop, from the moment that is now running away, I can arrive more and more in my movement of the moment!

This gives us more access to our potential, which encourages self-healing.

Intuition as a tool


The inner voice

The gut feeling

My higher consciousness

My inner wisdom

Develop the fine sense.


Just as I can train my muscles, so I can also develop my intuition into an instrument so that I can rely more and more.


More freedom through more essential interaction with me.

The more clearly I can take my place, the more helpful I am to my environment.

Ritual work

Maintain rooms energetically

My interior just like my living room, or any other room.

From my wealth of experience, I like to share and also use other tools that help to be energetically more sustainable.

body awareness

spatial perception

e.g. Smoking is an old house and remedy also our area.

It is a very earthy way of opening oneself to very subtle spaces. To let in, to feel, to wonder, to perceive, to breathe, to celebrate

Open me again for my fine inner sense!

My authentic natural being knows what serves the living!


It does not waste energy!