Movement - Meditation / Sharing-space

Online Workshop

(Session June 13th 2018)

Listen, feel, move, let move, get involved in the movement, listen to yourself

a meditation

A dialog with my body

Listen, feel, move, let move, get involved in the movement - a meditation

Listen to my voice: what does it want to express? What does it want to tell you?


  • Take care of me
  • What is my music right now?
  • A journey through the feelings of my NOW.
  • Emotions dance
  • What does my voice really want to say?


After a short introduction followed by a guided meditative body perception and then goes into a more or less dancing movement.


Sit in your authentic voice and movement. You are completely with you - anonymous if you like. And yet we enjoy the power of the group.


An invitation to arrive more, to ground, to feel, to live trust, to draw strength, to celebrate and to feel joy in and trough the body.


Weekly, Wednesdays

9:00 - 10:00 am CET

(every first Wednesday each Month open for new people)


8:30 - 9:30 pm CET, every second (odd) week






€ 8,00 / session (if you want to join sometimes)

€ 25,00 / month (if you want to join weekly)


(Reduction on request for real needs possible)

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