Online Workshop

Sharing space

Listen, feel, listen to yourself to the group and in the space in between - 

a meditation

A dialog from my body with the group - Relationship care

We start with a guided meditative body awareness. Then we practice relationship room care in different forms and enjoy the power of the group. We listen to the movement that we are right now.


  • Feeling myself more clearly with the support of the group
  • Perceiving myself more clearly inside and outside 
  • Yes, now, here
  • Experiencing my own strength and competence as I accompany and support others in their process, with just being here with what is

The healthier I can provide for myself, the healthier and clearer I can be for my environment.


Feeling myself more clearly with the support of the group.

I can activate my own potential because I'm able to support others, just by being here with what is right now. In this way the group becomes a space of natural giving and receiving, which is able to bridge the distance and create real closeness and connection.


An invitation to arrive more in the body, in the present moment and to share what is moving me. Basis is among others Transparent Communication (n. T. Hübl)


open group - weekly



Weekly, Mondays

7:50 - 8:50 pm CET






€ 10,00 / session (if you want to join sometimes)

€ 35,00 / month (if you want to join weekly)


(Reduction on request for real needs possible)


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If you like to join Movement-meditation weekly and Sharing-space weekly there is a special offer: you safe € 10,-/month


"Karoline and I have been listening and seeing each other for several years now, and the regular exchange is really enriching for me." When I think about topics and not further, it's often their tips that help me to change my vision and make sense She has helped me with many buttons, at all levels, when it comes to fears, thoughts or pain.

Especially nice is the exchange from mother to mother. In pregnancy, childbirth and life with children, so much happens with one thing that can be difficult. Through my openness to develop myself and the exchange and support of Karoline, I am convinced that my children will get what they need and can develop freely. "

Manuela, Switzerland

”I have worked with Karoline Maria online and have very good experiences from our interactions. I have felt seen and been able to touch parts in me that needed attention and healing. Can really recommend her if you need someone who is very sincere and able to listen deeply to you.”

Stig Albansson, Sweden

Fotograf / Soulbeing - Kum Nye Yoga