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Mindfulness in everyday life

The natural movement of us humans is with healthy gut feeling, open heart and clear mind. In everyday life, these important approaches are often blocked. Together we will strengthen our base to reopen these approaches. Cope with stress naturally through mindfulness training. For more well-being, vitality and serenity.

Movement - meditation - online

Every 1sr, 3rd, (5th) Wednesday / month

9:00 - 10:00 am

in English

(German: every 2nd and 4th Wednesday / month)

Thematic - Workshops online

  • Get into my power
  • Intuition as a tool
  • My rhythm - my movement
  • Ritualwork



About my Workshops

 I promote personal responsibility in dealing with one’s own body system.


Sustainable use of one's own resources stabilizes health. This can create a whole new freedom.




A yes to the challenges in life strengthens the life force and allows depth in life, which can contribute to inner serenity and peace in itself, even in stormy times.


from complaining to developing


to look behind the scenes


to face life more and more


For people who want to care for themselves sustainably and lovingly.







For a life more and more ...


... on the ground, with good gut instinct, open heart and clear mind.

If I put on the handbrake and full throttle I am not so sustainable on the way.

If I'm so ready for vacation until my holidays that I'm sick in bed for the first few days, or do not even get off the gas, then I'm not sustainable either.

What if I start my everyday life so that I can use my holiday for what interests me?


It does not matter how challenging my everyday life is, but how effectively I use my resources.

Energetic sustainability

The natural movement of us humans is with healthy gut feeling, open heart and clear mind. In everyday life, these important approaches are often blocked. Together we will strengthen our base to reopen these approaches. For more well-being, vitality and serenity. Body awareness, relationship care and meditation support this.


In this workshop, we set off on the journey to ourselves.

playful, curious, touching, profound, changing, ..


The more intimate I deal with myself, the more intimate I can be in encounters, in the now, with what is grad ...

This workshop contains 3 parts that blend together fluently:

  • Body awareness


In bodily perception, we immerse ourselves in the connections of physical ailments with our emotional life and the thoughts we make ...

  • relationship room care


And just as we cultivate, we equally care for the space around us - the relational space of people who surround us. As in the interior, so in the outside ...

  • meditation

In meditation we listen in the room in between ...


We explore our own holistic body and immerse ourselves in the depths of the self.


... listen, feel, let go, let his, sink lower, ..



The journey to myself, is the journey into the world ...


For me, meditation is a way of life. Sitting in silence is part of it.

The most essential for me is the moment by moment practice. That means for me to live mindfulness and depth NOW and HERE.

When I go, I go when I eat, then I eat when I sleep, then I sleep ...

When I came to meditation in my early twenties, it was Zen meditation that really inspired me.


Now it is a conscious sitting in the body, feet feel, abdominal breathing, heart open and invite light that „flows" through the body into the ground. This experience nourishes me and connects me with heaven and earth. I bow in gratitude. A more and more arriving in the body and thus in life, NOW and HERE. And I can begin to radiate in connection with the whole ... that strength gives me the steps that are NOW going to go in everyday life. That it may always be a powerful inner quiet.

This meditation is also part of the workshop Energetic Sustainability.



I truly believe that Karoline has both the talent and the professional skills to support people at many different levels. Her strong presence and compassion allowed and helped me to witness all the parts of myself that without her would not have had a voice or been able to emerge. When I am with her I have the pleasure to meet the most honest and authentic version of myself. I admire her ability to always know with me what is ready to be addressed and what needs more time to be spoken. The online workshops she leads are becoming another important tool to deepen my personal development. She is able to create a safe and trustful space where life can be explored by the group with the support of her guidance.

Elisa Doz


"I experience your work with incredible presence and mindfulness.

Your precise, holistic perception touches me again and again and I feel deeply in it.

With your clarity, your focus on the essential, you help to recognize what is.

I appreciate your ability to lovingly hold a wholesome space and thereby be an invitation to change.

An empathetic companion and encouragement to trust your own inner life. "


Gabriele Hanser, Lienz

Karoline M Wibmer:

The bright beacon in the night of the unconscious that reliably shows the direction of being. All the best for the further construction of your lighthouse.

Wolf C