Energetic Coaching

Deep empathy (reading) with my counterpart or her situation creates a kind of inner map, which can provide information on larger relationships. Together we explore the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious. Together we see more. Inner work can be used to break through repetitive, weakening cycles. The courage to look may grow. Self-responsibility may take more and more space. That's how a whole new freedom can arise.

From a more and more earthy place, connected with yourself and nature, you can face better and better challenging situations in life.

Accompaniment with


  • Physical ailments, fatigue, burnout symptoms
  • Stress, challenging times
  • Understanding conflicts more deeply
  • Spiritual accompaniment

My tools


  • Deep empathy (high sensitivity)
  • Transparent communication
  • Elements of the constellation work
  • Resonance testing with biotensor
  • Shadow work* (inspired by Caroline Myss and Thomas Hübl)

A protected room

  • A counterpart that helps you to see yourself clearer.
  • Invite a larger perspective.
  • In a we-field you perceive the space in between. Thus you can see your own motivations clearer and expose your potential
  • Stagnant areas are lovingly witnessed.

I find the online work very enriching, as it connects us across the globe and saves resources.

Inner work is the restoration of the natural flow. The natural movement of life always seeks balance. An integrating path to inner and outer peace.

It is about being self-responsible to face your own issues - both inside and out - individually and collectively. Where the future and the past meet in the present. To face the difficult. That my heart can stay open more and more to feel what is difficult. How a mother can naturally be there for her child. Shadow parts show up where my heart can no longer be open. Where my love ability stops.

Working at this limit can make deep healing and transformation possible. A cultivation of my inner peace. It is a deep need of our heart to relax into the flow of life.