Group Work

In addition to individual accompaniment, working in small groups has proven to be very effective. In this setting it is possible to deepen a certain practice or to research a special topic. These groups are very individual and arise as required.

Mindfulness in daily life - workshop

Meditation = Movement-Mediation (can be also booked without the workshop)

Presence as a space for rest, relaxation, inner detoxification and digestion.


Healing self-contact

Immerse yourself in your own resources, the inner healer, the inner guide.


Relationship space care

We come together to get more involved in everyday life and to remember more and more often that every moment is new every moment.

  • What: workshop, small group - self-awareness / mindfulness
  • When:
  • in Lienz: tuesdays 08:00 am - 09:55am CET
  • Where: A-9900 Lienz, Schweizergasse 26, 3rd floor
  • or online via Zoom Conference
  • Contribution: € 15,00
  • Registration and further information:
    0043 664 282 7731 or


Healing self-contact - Guided Meditation

Become still to listen to your inner movement in a protected environment. We are with what is. Feel, move, let yourself be touched, get involved in your own movement - a meditation. Listen to the inner voice: what would like to express itself? What would like to be seen?

At the beginning a short sharing to arrive, to land in the group. Everyone can be  exactly where they are now. This is our potential. This is followed by a lightly guided meditation in motion. Finally, we (whoever wants to) share the experience, possibly with feedback.

Take care of myself

What is my inner music right now?

Immersion in the NOW

Be in your own movement. You are completely with yourself, and yet we immerse ourselves in the power of the group.

An invitation to ground yourself, to feel, to live trust, to draw strength, to celebrate and to feel joy and security in the body. A space to maintain access to your own potential.


  • What: Weekly workshop, online, or in Lienz
  • When: 
  • online: mondays, 08:00 - 08:55am
                online: wednesday, 07:00 - 07:55pm
  • in Lienz, Schweizergasse 26, 3rd floor: tuesdays, 08:00 - 08:55am
  • Duration: 55 min.
  • Contribution: €, 10,00 / session
  • Registration and further information:
  • 0043 664 282 7731 or