About me

Learned craft, exploratory spirit and silence



"Growing up close to nature in the Tyrolean mountains has shaped me a lot and was a healthy framework for the sensitivity I was born with. I started practicing Zen meditation when I was in my early twenties. When I walked the Camino de Santiago in 2005, I experienced a deep anchoring in movement - also in the sense of the moment-by-moment practice, which has been an important part of my mediation practice ever since. For me, life is meditation, every moment and every other person are my teachers and sitting still is also an aspect of it.


In 2010 my son was born, who gave my life a new form of grounding, especially in relation to my surroundings. Since then, my "main exercise" has been to be with people and yet practice self-contact at the same time. And to be with what is even under challenging circumstances. 


Being gentle, and staing curious with my mistakes helps me a lot. All my life I am learning.  Being able to relax into my own inability brings ease and freedom.


Gratitude and bowing to life: a practice that always makes it exciting, as I repeatedly come up against the limits of my ability to love. This is the core of my work: where heaven touches earth, where one person touches another, where love touches pain. I love being human and I love life, even if it sometimes demands a lot from me. I'm here.


Being anchored on site and still feeling connected over a great distance: I have been intensively dedicated to this practice since 2014. This is how I manage to combine my parenting and my work. I live in nature with my son and yet I am connected via the Internet to study and work. From my base camp I like to travel further distances to also work in personal contact."




  • Training as a masseuse in the orthopedic clinic Villach 1990-1992
  • Lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder, Walchsee 1998
  • Training as a qualified Shiatsu practitioner Shiatsu Center South 2004-2007
  • Bioresonance seminars, including biophysical test and therapy systematics for allergies and intolerances, Hohl-Jungwirth KEG 2008
  • Geomancy course, Humboldt 2012-2013

Further education

  • "Nonviolent Communication" according to Marshall Rosenberg
  • Courses on trauma-informed work / collective trauma, "From Stress to Strength", meditation and life principles with Thomas Hübl
  • "The Peace Talks Webinar" with Scilla Elworthy
  • Online courses on mediation with William Ury 
  • Seminars on relationship work with Terry Real 
  • Seminar series "The Poetry of Self Compassion", "A Timeless Way" on the topics of deep conversation and self-care with David Whyte
  • Since 2014 ongoing Deepening, mostly in online format, on topics such as trauma-informed work/collective trauma, mystical principles in everyday life, mindfulness with Thomas Hübl

Professional activities

  • Many years of experience as an independent masseuse since 1998 and Shiatsu practitioner since 2007
  • Collaboration in the medical practice of Dr. med. Albin Perz in Graz (general and complementary medicine, psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic medicine, systemic family constellation) 2008-2013: patient counseling (including stress management), bioresonance (test and and treatment), assistance with constellation work
  • Coaching, process support since 2013
  • Support for cultural, social and economic projects: group formation, personality development, conflict transformation and much more since 2013
  • Dramaturgical advice and process support (creative and group dynamic processes, conflict transformation) for art projects since 2018


Recent work in the art field:





let go


acknowledge what is


open the heart


yes - now - here