Finding Home and Being Moved in a Complex World



Finding Home and Being Moved in a Complex World


What empowers us to let ourselves be moved? What makes us feel at home? In this seminar we will practice tools to connect to the wisdom of one’s body and trust in one’s intuition while finding rest in a complex world. To reach this state of self-empowerment, free flow and mindfulness, the participants will engage with what the seminar chairs call the ‘four levels of connectionʼ (self, other, all, unknown), and will use keys of free expression: voice, breathing, movement, and (folk) dance.



Distelberger, Teresa 

Film Director and Artist, art of co


Mayer, Simon 

Performer, kopf hoch company / art in motion association


Wibmer, Karoline Maria 

Coach for Mindfulness, Praxis für Ganzheitliches Coaching und Körperarbeit

A strong mixture of our three special skills came together and it was also an enriching team process as we arrive at ourselves, in our own movement and in self-expression with the home compass. Exploration and contemplative introspection combined.