Trauma awareness

Our experience of individual trauma is embedded in the transgenerational trauma and that in turn in the collective trauma. We are in this experience together, even if everyone experiences it very individually.

If we want to face the challenges of life today, we cannot avoid dedicating ourselves to this topic. Trauma affects us all - directly or indirectly.

It is interesting to me where we are still holding energy in blockage, although the danger has long since passed. I see three reasons why we are doing this.

  • First of all, there is the habit. We simply haven't thought of doing it any other way. Sometimes it's just more convenient to do it the way we are used to.
  • Structures are at work in which we are embedded, such as culture, family.
  • There are trauma aspects at work. Either self-experienced, transgenerational, or collective trauma.

By changing the habit I can change myself. When it comes to being embedded in rigid structures, it is up to me how much I like to grow beyond my perceived limits.

In the case of trauma, experts such as trauma therapists are needed. My accompaniment refers to the aspect of the independent self-awareness.

3 types of trauma

Individual trauma

It's a very individual experience. Often also through more subtle experiences that most people do not necessarily perceive as traumatizing.

Transgenerational trauma

This trauma, which has now been scientifically described and researched, makes us more aware of how much we are influenced by our ancestors.

Collective trauma

The wounds of the past are omnipresent. Invisible and yet so visible in irritations, blind spots, numb areas that affect entire regions or cultures.