Energetic sustainability

When it flows, it flows.

We all probably know the feeling when "everything goes like clockwork". When we are in the flow. When it's THE moment.

But what is actually active when it is not flowing? Because being in the flow is natural movement.


If energy is bound, it is held. We tense up and it gets tight. We hold on to pain. We hold our breath, we clench our teeth. Our self-healing intelligence is at work to prevent something worse.


We also have another intelligent function: the switching off of feelings or information. If something too dramatic happens, we can isolate ourselves from certain information in order to protect the rest of the system. For more information, see Trauma Awareness.


If we understand these apparently contradicting processes more deeply and also value their intelligence, we can lovingly accompany them instead of fighting against them. In this way we stop wasting valuable energy and open a new space for healing.


We are interdependent, i.e. dependent on one another. If I behave in a way that I take more than I need, it will be missing elsewhere. And I do that when I can't fully feel myself. Then I also lack the feeling for my surroundings. The more we lose the feeling for the environment, the more we slide into the dilemma that we experience all over the planet with climate, wars and much more.


My approach is that in my mindfulness practice, moment by moment, or as it is possible for me, I bring my own movement into a more healing form. It is healing when it not only serves me but is also in harmony with the whole.


This is a lifelong exercise where I move one grain of sand at a time. It's about the exercise itself, about walking itself. The route is the goal.

Together we get an overview about the complexity of your situation. When aspekts become more visible, and get witnessed in a felt way, transformation can take place.