What people say about my work


I truly believe that Karoline has both the talent and the professional skills to support people at many different levels. Her strong presence and compassion allowed and helped me to witness all the parts of myself that without her would not have had a voice or been able to emerge. When I am with her I have the pleasure to meet the most honest and authentic version of myself. I admire her ability to always know with me what is ready to be addressed and what needs more time to be spoken. The online workshops she leads are becoming another important tool to deepen my personal development. She is able to create a safe and trustful space where life can be explored by the group with the support of her guidance.

Elisa Doz


"During a difficult phase of my life, online coaching with Karoline Maria has been a very valuable accompaniment for me. I felt particularly touched and strengthened by her confidence in my own ability to develop and find my way out of the crisis. At the same time, her inspiringly honest and at the same time loving look at my topics has helped me many times to find a new perspective, and consequently new ways of thinking and acting. I am always surprised about how much closeness and connection can be created through such a virtual medium.” 



„Karoline deeply connects with the resonance of my experience and allows it to be in and through her.

She helps to reflect what I have within myself, to put it into words and to hold a space for me to receive it.

She has a wonderful feminine connection and quality I do not understand or pretend to know, but I value her uniqueness in this to express another perspective that can help me settle into my process work at the mental, emotional and physical level.

I appreciate her sense of humility and vulnerability in her own experience and her own growth areas, to embrace them and allow them to be a part of the growth process for both of us.

She is able to engage and land into this work very quickly and deeply in which the perception of the shared field is very palpable.

Karoline is one of the few people I have met who engages in this work with such a high level of dedication, attention and presence which allows me to easily go deeper with my own process.

I appreciate that even when Karoline doesn't understand words or perceptions - she can feel deeper into it and connect with me."

Thank you.



I have worked with Karoline Maria online and have very good experiences from our interactions. I have felt that I have needed and healing. Can really recommend if you need someone who is very sincere and able to listen deeply to you."

Stig Albansson, Sweden

Photographer / Soulbeing - Kum Nye Yoga


"Karoline has regularly accompanied me in a very turbulent phase of my life with a lot of wisdom and clarity, especially appreciating her ability to perceive people holistically, helping me face my challenges and at the same time seeing my potential through this process Her presence in key moments has greatly contributed to how and where I stand in my life today, and I am deeply grateful for her. "

Teresa Distelberger, Vienna

Filmmaker & presenter


"I have come to know you during our Triads as a very sensitive and intuitive person, you have a very good sense and can empathize very well with other people, giving you a great gift to help people on a physical, emotional and spiritual / spiritual level. "

Eva-Maria, Switzerland


"Karoline and I have been listening and seeing each other for several years now, and the regular exchange is really enriching for me." When I think about topics and not further, it's often their tips that help me to change my vision and make sense She has helped me with many buttons, at all levels, when it comes to fears, thoughts or pain.

Especially nice is the exchange from mother to mother. In pregnancy, childbirth and life with children, so much happens with one thing that can be difficult. Through my openness to develop myself and the exchange and support of Karoline, I am convinced that my children will get what they need and can develop freely. "

Manuela, Switzerland

"I experience your work with incredible presence and mindfulness.

Your precise, holistic perception touches me again and again and I feel deeply in it.

With your clarity, your focus on the essential, you help to recognize what is.

I appreciate your ability to lovingly hold a salutary space and thereby be an invitation to change.

An empathetic companion and encouragement to trust your own inner life. "

Gabriele Hanser, Lienz

"Finest body work with a great sense for the essential, which can solve both physical, mental and subtle blockages!"

Meinrad Ladstätter, Heilmasseur

"I have always experienced you as a very competent force in terms of the massage, just right, not too much and not too little, for me it is an enrichment at any rate, I will gladly recommend you."

In love and gratitude

Verena T.

"Karoline has the special gift to work with dedication."


"I can only say that I am a fan of you, I have always appreciated your work and your way of dealing with people, you are a very special person with a very special ability to relate to other people, the people and their complaints or questions are important to you.So this fact makes your work very valuable.You draw from a wealth of experience and you feel well looked after and taken seriously.You radiate peace and strength.

I'm looking forward to what's coming, even if it's less about massage and more about a different kind of body and soul work. "


Karoline M Wibmer:

The bright beacon in the night of the unconscious that reliably shows the direction of being. All the best for the further construction of your lighthouse.

Wolf C