I firmly believe that Karoline has both talent and professional skills to support people on different levels. Her strong presence and compassion allowed and helped me to witness all parts of myself that would have had no voice or would not have come into being without her. When I'm with her, I have the pleasure of meeting the most honest and authentic version of myself. I admire her ability to always know what is ready to be addressed and what needs more time to be spoken to. The online workshops she leads have become another important tool to deepen my personal development. She is able to create a safe and trusting space in which the group can explore life with the help of her guidance.

 Elisa Doz, Italy



Karoline Maria Wibmer accompanied me for 10 months in the development and implementation of my remembrance culture project "Multi-layered history (s)" as part of the Festival of the Regions 2021. The continuous coaching process helped me to refine my artistic approach to the subject of the Nazi era in the Salzkammergut and to recognize when transgenerational and collective trauma became noticeable in cooperation with the population and in contact with colleagues. Through the more conscious handling of these dynamics and thanks to the careful guarding of my energy balance, I was able to carry out this large and demanding project with a lot more serenity and a level-headed overview than I would have been able to without Karoline. Your clear view of the essentials has always helped me to make coherent decisions and ultimately this path was rewarded with positive feedback from the public, the press and local politicians.

Teresa Distelberger, Vienna, filmmaker, artist



During a difficult phase in my life, online coaching with Karoline Maria was a very valuable support for me. I was particularly touched and strengthened by the trust that she placed in my own ability to develop and find my way out of the crisis. At the same time, her inspiring, honest and at the same time loving view of some topics has opened up a new perspective for me many times, and with it new ways to think and act. I am always surprised how much closeness and clearly noticeable connection can result from contact via such a virtual medium.

Maren, Germany


I take advantage of Karoline's coaching for questions where I simply can't get any further myself. Professional questions, I am self-employed, or for my private life. I really appreciate Karoline's work. She has the mindful and non-judgmental view from the outside. This helps me sort myself to and get to know myself better. I can develop myself further through Karoline. After the conversations with Karoline, I have the feeling that I can cope with everyday life better, that I feel and understand myself more. Feeling the view from the outside: I always feel very good after the talks and I always carry this good feeling within me for a very long time. I feel connected to Karoline and at the same time supported. Karoline supports me on the journey to myself and to the whole. I am very, very grateful to her for that.

Barbara, Germany


Dear Karoline Maria, creative and effective are two qualities that first come to mind about your work. Working with you is usually exciting, not always fun, but very effective. In the last year, in which you have accompanied me so intensively, I have made a lot of progress in my development. Your methods are new, at least for me;), and can also be easily integrated into everyday life, which is often very turbulent for me with 2 children. I was allowed to look at some dark places on me together with you from a new side and bring some light into them. Your coaching has given me many a boost in the right direction, made me recognize things that would not have been visible to me without you. No frills, straightforward and honest through and through. Always with a lot of tact and empathy for your counterpart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valuable work and wish you all the best.

Veronika Petutschnig, glass blower and herb witch from Leisach / East Tyrol / Austria


I worked with Karoline Maria online and had very good experiences from our interactions. I felt seen and could touch parts of me that needed attention and healing. Really recommend her when you need someone who is very sincere and can listen to you deeply.

Stig Albansson, Sweden, Photographer / Soulbeing - Kum Nye Yoga


Karoline and I have been hearing and seeing each other for several years now. The regular exchange is incredibly enriching for me. When I focus on topics and don't know what to do next, it is often her tips that help me to change my point of view and to see the meaning behind it. She has already helped me with a lot of buttons. At all levels when it comes to fears, thoughts or pain.

The exchange from mother to mother is especially nice. So much happens to you during pregnancy, childbirth and in life with children that can be difficult. Due to my openness to further development and the exchange and support from Karoline, I am convinced that my children get what they need and can develop freely.

Manuela, Switzerland


Finest body work with a great sense for the essentials, which can solve blockages in the physical as well as in the spiritual and subtle areas!

Meinrad Ladstätter, therapeutic masseur


I experience your work with an incredible presence and mindfulness. Your precise, holistic perception touches me again and again and I feel deeply seen in it. With your clarity, your focus on the essentials, you support me at recognizing what is. I appreciate your ability to lovingly hold a healing space and thereby be an invitation for change. A sensitive companion and encouragement to walk your own inner life with confidence.

Gabriele Hanser, Lienz


About Karoline M Wibmer: I appreciate the empirical and incorruptible approach to work combined with specialist knowledge, depth, practice, judgment and rigor and love. What I take with me in everyday life: I'm always allowed to! Do not take it so seriously and learn joy 😃 Thank you !! The bright beacon in the night of the unconscious that reliably shows the direction. All the best for continuing to build your lighthouse.

Wolf C.


I got to know you during our triads as a very sensitive and intuitive person. You have a very fine instinct and can empathize with other people very well. This gives you a great gift to help people on a physical, emotional and mental / spiritual level.

Eva-Maria, Switzerland


Karoline connects deeply with the resonance of my experience and lets it be in and through it. It helps to reflect what I have inside of me, to put it into words and to give me space to receive it. She has a wonderful feminine connection and quality that I don't understand or pretend to know, but I appreciate her uniqueness in expressing a different perspective that can help me settle into my process work on a mental, emotional and physical level. I value her sense of humility and vulnerability in her own experience and areas of growth to embrace and allow them to be part of the growth process for both of us. She is able to immerse herself and land very quickly and deeply in this work, in which the perception of the common field is very tangible. Karoline is one of the few people I have met who dedicate themselves to this work with such a high level of dedication, attention and presence that it allows me to easily deepen my own process. I appreciate that, even if Karoline doesn't understand words or perceptions - she can feel deeper and connect with me. Thank you.

Jeffrey.S. Lapointe, Poland


I can only say that I am a fan of yours. I have always appreciated your work and your way of dealing with people. You are a very special person with a very special ability to respond to other people. The people and their matters or questions are important to you. This fact alone makes your work very valuable. You draw on a wealth of experience and you feel that you are in good hands and taken seriously. You radiate calm and strength. I look forward to what is coming, even if it has less to do with massage and more to do with a different kind of body and soul work.



Karoline has the special gift to work with dedication.



Karoline Maria Wibmer is like a tourist guide at a place called "the space in between", who has the sights you want to see but never seen because you didn't want to look in a very clear, heartfelt and systematic way with the necessary integration. She leads to the places in the time it takes.

The system or the chain is only as strong as the weakest link and the weakest link also discovers its strength through the Karoline, or all other links discover the strength that lies in the weakest link through the weakness and that being weak is strength. These members are the parts of us, what we are made of, which can also be represented in such a way that they are all tourists who come on tour with Karoline taking the lead.

You come to places that you want to see, that you have never seen before, that you have seen at some point in a travel guide and now recognize and finally learn to see physically, learn to feel and can really touch. What Karoline does is that it is not just a memory of something that you have seen in a tourist guide, but that it is comprehensible and tangible, the coming into contact with the sights of the space and the embodiment of the sights of the space and the visible and invisible sights or the fact that the sights are worthy of being felt are worthy of being seen, are worthy of being felt, are worthy of being felt, are worthy of staying in contact with them. You just want to stay there, in a place that you didn't really want to see, that's where she takes you on this tour and at the beginning you don't really want to go in there because it doesn't look so good from the outside. But that's why she's the tourist guide who brings you closer to things that you didn't even know existed before and that are hidden behind an ugly facade. You can do that in the city of the in-between, where treasure chambers are hidden behind an ugly facade, from which you have always shrunk away before, Karoline takes you by the hand - visibly, invisibly - and leads you there in the time you need into it. She also has the key to the door, but you have to go through yourself. She guides you, accompanies you at least as much to the threshold and sometimes goes ahead or tells you about people who have already walked the way, who have already gone through the door, what then gives you confidence that you can do it and suddenly you are in the treasure chamber, which already has a basement every now and then, where some people are tortured or where your own parts are tortured and you too all at once see how they are tortured and then also have the opportunity to decide and also to decide at your own free will, because awareness has happened that there is the treasury and that there is the torture chamber, that there is the resource and that there is trauma and then you also see that you spend the necessary time in the different rooms, which then consist of even more rooms, so within the treasure chamber there are even more corners and in the basement there are also a lot of boxes and rooms, which can sometimes seem very complex, but then she can write the necessary résumé to make the various threads clear within the complexity that lead to one point again in a very unusual way merging like a spider that has a lot of legs but then again a body and then there can be a lot of relief when all the threads come together at one point and you realize "Ahh, there ... that's what I always wanted to see and where as a tourist I come to an apparently strange city, an apparently strange building, an apparently strange space and suddenly it becomes very complex and then the very strange becomes the place of home, home ... "and I suddenly notice that what I see on the outside, that Karoline also has the ability through being in a relationship, through what you see on the outside, also has its relationships on the inside, i.e. the various rooms and boxes that you see on the outside, that this also takes place inside and that if I regularly establish the relationship between the outside and the inside, open my eyes or at the same time have them open when I have them open and when I come into contact with them, it is then possible to plan and anticipate my tourist trip better and not to get lost 100 times but with the fullest confidence and flow not even need a tourist guide but then also be able to discover places independently of the Karoline tourist guide. Working with Karoline gives me tools for traveling and walking independently. That it is at the same time a guided tour and training to become a tourist guide yourself without you checking it out.

Simon Mayer, artist