Shiatsu is a form of body therapy founded in Chinese medicine and further developed in Japan.

Shiatsu has a balancing effect on the energetic system - physically and mentally. The work is done using pressure and stretching techniques as well as rotations. Shiatsu is a gentle method, yet intensive and effective. The body expresses what may not (yet) be said, but about which it is impossible to remain silent.


Shiatsu touches and speaks to people in their entirety. The rhythmic and continuous touch and sensitive empathy allow me to respond directly to the needs of the moment. Shiatsu helps to perceive and understand the body in the here and now. Shiatsu has a supportive effect in demanding phases of life, with specific complaints and accompanies in times of change.

Shiatsu shows existing potential and can help to use it. This promotes inner balance, joie de vivre and vitality. Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages, especially children.


Shiatsu takes place in comfortable clothing (preferably made of natural fibers) on a mat on the floor. Each treatment is individually tailored to the current state of health and needs. Shiatsu helps to establish a deep connection with the body.

Shiatsu can be helpful


  • in case of blockages (e.g. board in front of the head, constant brooding)
  • for relaxation
  • for more conscious self-awareness (arriving in the here & now)
  • for tension or pain (e.g. back)
  • with exhaustion, burnout
  • as an accompaniment to pregnancy
  • as a supplement to psychotherapy



  • Loose clothing (preferably made of natural fibers), socks
  • no big meal beforehand!
  • ideal: afterwards, allow time to follow up, possibly to rest

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is based on the teaching of the 5 phases of change and in its origins represents work on the client's meridians (energy lines) and is supposed to set Qi (energy) in motion. The practitioner uses fingers, hands, elbows and knees and works partly with gentle, partly with intense pressure as well as with rotations, stretches and rhythmic movements on the recipient's body. The treatment takes place on the clothed client and is carried out on the floor on a special mat.



How does Shiatsu affect our nervous system?


Topics: stress, tension, burnout and activation of self-healing powers

Through careful touch, meridian work, and special treatment techniques, we bring the client's vegetative nervous system into a parasympathetic state. In this state (relaxed muscles, deep breathing, calm heartbeat), the rest functions (including repair functions of the cells) are stimulated in the body - in contrast to the sympathetic state, in which the body is able to escape and attack functions (increased blood pressure, higher lung activity, etc.) initiates.

In today's world, stress and excessive demands in private and professional life are often a basic condition and therefore the sympathetic nervous system is excessively activated. The control between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves is not subject to our free will and can therefore not be stimulated independently (with the exception of special meditation techniques such as zazen, yoga, etc.).


One of the two states is always active, either the parasympathetic or the sympathetic. Simultaneous activation is not possible, which is important for understanding the consequences of a persistent sympathetic state. A corresponding form of treatment can be of decisive importance here (e.g. burnout treatment and prevention).


Furthermore, the appropriately trained Shiatsu practitioner can identify asymmetries or states of stress and weakness in the client's body, which indicate permanent physical and psychological stress and strive to resolve these states in the treatment and offer alternatives.

Shiatsu (including conversation)

50 min. € 65,00

every further 1/4 hour € 15,00

House visits for Shiatsu + travel expenses: € 15,00 in the Lienz area and the surrounding area

Bodywork with Coaching

A combination of my rich treasure trove of tools - individually tailored for what is needed at the moment.


50 min. € 65,00

every further 1/4 hour € 15,00


25 min. € 35,00

50 min. € 65,00

every further 1/4 hour € 15, -

Gentle depth


Come to rest, feel yourself deeper


Lymphatic drainage

Gentle, effective, relaxing



Touch your whole body from your feet.

Pain is stress for the body. Protective and relieving postures often increase tension. Massages that are customized can bring relief. Many complaints are related to the circumstances I am in.


Which thoughts, which emotions characterize my overall condition?

Which topics concern me in everyday life and what does my body say about all of this?

With my massages I give impulses to stimulate the body's self-healing. I invite new impulses to look independently at your own situation - to become a designer of your own quality of life.

Appointments and cancellations

Please cancel appointments as soon as possible so that I have the opportunity to fill the appointments.

Appointments can be canceled by 6:00 p.m. the day before at the latest, after which I will charge half the hourly rate.

The full hourly rate has to be paid for non-appearance for an appointment or short-term cancellations up to 2 hours before the appointment, as I have reserved time, space and attention for you.