Being moved

online dance floor

What is moving inside you right now?

What is moving you right now?

Too much? Too little?

Many things are changing. Many things are in upheaval. How do you experience the movement from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside … with everything that surrounds us?

In the next Online Dancefloor we dedicate ourselves to these questions and the discovery of our resources.

We move what is ready to move and ... we celebrate coexistence. Everything exists simultaneously and in interconnectedness.

Silence and noise, tears and laughter, anger and joy, war and peace.

An online dancefloor that gives space and expression to what is present at the moment.


„… and there s nothing to do in order to be moved by what moves me“

Foto: Franzi Kreis
Foto: Franzi Kreis
  • Voice - Breath - Movement
  • Silence and Celebration
  • Inside & Outside Space (me/you/we)
  • Somatic Sensing, Self-reflection


Relaxing into "there is nothing to do" can be the best party you’ve ever been to. We’ll mainly take care of ourselves, listen to what we need and where that leads us. Perfect for the beginning of any project start. Time for yourself. And an adventure into the states of being moved. Don t bring your dancing shoes. Your are enough!

Foto: Wolf C Retter
Foto: Wolf C Retter

Online workshop (zoom conference), german/english


Fridays, 08:30 - 09:30 am/CET



Please estimate for yourself the amount of money that you see as your (also for you) healthy contribution to appreciate this work.

Our suggestion is € 15.00 per session.

If you come more often, it's nice if you simply transfer one day a month to the following account:


Bank account: Karoline Maria Wibmer "Energetik"

IBAN: AT06 2050 7010 0018 0305



Registration: or


Foto: Wolf C Retter
Foto: Wolf C Retter

Simon Mayer

Choreographer, Dancer/Performer, Musician, Curator, Coach, Workshops, Researcher. 

Research: The Art of Celebration, Home/Folk-culture/Rituals, The states of Being moved (Trance&Flow Practices), Art&Transformation, Embodiment and Full Body expression.


Karoline Maria Wibmer

Workshops, Coaching, Project Consulting

for Mindfulness, Burn-out prevention, Conflict Transformation, Trauma-Consciousness

Expertise: Dipl. Shiatsu Practitioner, Massage, Meditation.